Q&A with Helin Honung – Bjork & Berries GB
Q&A with Helin Honung

Every flower in a bouquet is individually beautiful, that´s how Helin describes her casting agency 3rd SPACE mgmt.

3rd Space Mgmt believes that strength lies in the distinctive, the sprawling and the varied. It comes from diversity not similarity.    

Founder Helin Honung finds inspiration in her own predicament: she is the product of two cultures, seeing the world from the in-between.

We can only agree, in the quest to maintain sustainability within our brand, it´s equally important to find divers ways to present our products, which are for everyone.

Casting agencies like Helins will make it easier to make those choices in the future.

You can find Helin HERE.

3rd SPACE mgmt HERE.

  1. How would you describe yourself in 3 words:

I see myself as a kind, sensitive and determent human being.

  1. What/who inspired you to do what you are doing today?

My upbringing and life experiences.

  1. How has the business changed since you started, do you find it more open to diversity and sustainability beyond the idea of just being a trend?From an outside point a view, yes. I’m hopeful for this to thrive and impregnate businesses even more beyond what we see as an audience.

I just came out with my own agency for it to be a constant reminder of what what type of people we should highlight and welcome in the business.

But, the issues doesn’t only rely on castings and agencies providing a wide range of people. For it to not be based on a trend and actually being sustainable for real I believe that corporate companies and small ones has to internally rethink what their values are and if they really practice what the believe in. There is so many layers that has to be put in to consideration before a company can stand on solid ground and right now It feels like they’ve build a house on sand.  

  1. Describe your day - from morning until you hit the pillow:

I start my day in the best possible way by waking up beside my beloved boyfriend which is my biggest joy. We snuggle for a bit before our day starts for real.

I take my vitamins and drinking a fair share of water and If I have time I answer some emails before I take a walk to school. I sometime stop by at a café on the way to enjoy a cup of oat cappuccino whilst listening to a podcast in my headphones. While at school I mostly trying to figure out how to use the adobe programs without crying and get frustrated basically. When I’m done with that I take time to work out almost everyday, if not that then I always stop by for a relaxing sauna session at the gym. From there I walk back home, I cook some food, work for a bit and then relaxing with a movie, a series or just having a chat with my boyfriend before going to bed.

I’m trying to create a balanced and undemanding routine for myself that is sustainable for me and it is little bit under a process at the moment.

Ok on to beauty secrets

  1. Beauty product you can´t live without?

A great serum (of own choice -  everybody has different skin and need different serums that works for them) and SPF.

  1. Everyday beauty ritual?

Hydration cream/mask. You can never have enough!

  1. For that glamorous look?

Organic lip balm that you apply on top of your eyelid for that extra highlight and eyelash curler.