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Discovery Set (Eau de Parfum)Discovery Set (Eau de Parfum)
Discovery Set
eau de parfum
Photograph of a persons face, looking into the camera.Vitamin Moisturiser by Björk and Berries, against white background.
Vitamin Moisturiser
b3+b5+c+e+b6 & hyaluronic acid
Orange/brown nourishing cleanser formula against white background.Nourishing cleanser from Björk and Berries, against white background.
Nourishing Cleanser
pink clay & beta glucan
Photograph from above of people lying in a hay stack. Two cropped bare feet. A cropped head of warm blonde hair. A person with a white blouse with their hands above her head holding a September, Eau de Parfum bottle.  Edit alt textSeptember, Eau de Parfum from Björk and Berries, with red cap, against white background.
eau de parfum