Q&A with Elinor Nystedt – Bjork & Berries GB
Q&A with Elinor Nystedt

Elinor is a woman to watch, together with her business partner Margaretha Dahlsted she runs an international network for creatives.  Alter id is a creative duo based in Stockholm and Paris.

She is also one of the women featured in our web tutorials. In this interview she shares her views of the business, a day in her life and some beauty secrets of how she gets her glow which we must confess is amazing!

You can find Elinor HERE.

Alter id HERE.

  1. How would you describe yourself in 3 words:

Ambitious, spiritual and fun.

  1. What/who inspired you to do what you are doing today?

People around me and the universe.

  1. How has the business changed since you started? Do you find it more open to diversity and sustainability beyond the idea of just being a trend?

Yes, definitely, diversity comes more natural now for most of brands but of course there are occasions where we have to send out friendly reminders. When it comes to sustainability and the environment I think 2018 was a year when it actually occurred to people how affected we can be by these issues.

I can see actual change, friends are travelling by train instead of flying or not travelling at all. They don't eat as much meat and consume less in general. I’ve also noticed that some are more cautious about their water consumption. That gives me hope, everyone has to contribute, take action and responsibility down to a personal level. Just a year ago it felt like everyone thought it was everyone else responsibility.

  1. Describe your day - from morning until you hit the pillow:

If I wake up too early to leave the bed I do a body scan, some meditation or an affirmation. This often happens when it’s a full moon and I slept badly. If no moon :) I wake up well rested, take a quick shower, have a matcha latte and check some e-mails at home before I leave for the office. At the office I meet Margareta my partner and we go through everything that's on our table for the day and then we dig into our projects. If we’re not in production on set or with a client we go to Mega-former (it’s a kind of pilates that’s super efficient) around lunch time. Then we have a quick lunch and go back to the office or have some meetings around town. We leave the office around 4 to 5 and then I go home and have a snack and finish up the last e-mails. Then I’ll meet up with friends, have dinner with my boyfriend or watch a movie. I also love to meet a friend and do a walk and talk.

Ok on to beauty secrets!

  1. Beauty product you can´t live without?

Some kind of AHA mask, it was like getting my face back when I figured that one out. I also love a RMS master mixer for highlight/glow on the cheeks.

And a special Chinese menthol stick that are great for pimples, mosquito bites, colds - anything!

  1. Everyday beauty ritual?

In the morning: Face water, serum, hydration creme and eye cream. I don’t wear a foundation but cover some spots up and concealer, I use a brownish Tom Ford shade for the cheeks, do my eyebrows and some light eyeshadow. Sometimes I use a mascara and the RMS master mixer. For my body I use Björk & Berries body serum - it’s new in my routine, so good!

In the evening: I use a cleansing water from interview, and the same routine as in the morning. Trying to do a small massage if I’m not too tired.

I do some kind of face mask 2-3 times a week and a body scrub from Björk & Berries or one that I do myself based on coffee, sugar and olive oil.

  1. For that glamorous look?

I’ll do a cat eye or lips! + an extra moist base and highlights to get some glow up and nails if I have the time. I have two favourite lipsticks that are matte, one is orange and the other one is a 90’s peanut/light brownish shade, I think it’s from Mac and called whirl.