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Moonjournaling with Stine from Hola Luna

Even the least spiritual person must have picked somewhere in media information about the effects the moon has on us and nature.

If you've spent a day at the beach, watching the tide tearing the waves back into the ocean or having them come crashing in over the shores, that's some energy!
Of course, this can be explained scientifically too, but as Stine, the founder of Hola Luna, says, "imagine the power it must take set the oceans in motion." 
Hola Luna is the mothership, where she shares the inspiration she receives from the moon. The Moon Journal is a journal she designed to keep track of the phases of the moon from new moon to new moon.

She grew up in the countryside, where the vision of the changes of the moon is always visible, not affected by the light pollution from city lights.
In the bio of her Instagram feed, it says "Stay Wild, Moon Child" and there is something wild about the moon, she rotates anticlockwise.
Which is fascinating, considering our obsession with time on earth, and how it rules our way of life.
The Moon Journal encourages us to explore the moon and the potential to channel her energy for our benefit.
When she joined our B&B LIVE the other week, we decided to choose an "in-between moon" not a full moon or new moon but the First Quater Moon.
Stine continues;
"Because quarter moons have something to offer, but they sometimes `drown` in focus on new and full moons. It is halfway between the new moon the full moon. The first-quarter moon is a perfect time to check in on your new moon intentions to remind yourself about the seeds you planted at the new moon and to remind yourself to look for the signs you need to manifest your intentions. When you have your dreams, visions, intentions fresh in mind, the signals sent your way will become more visible and more accessible for you to follow. During first-quarter moons, look up, listen and pay attention to the signs sent your way. The universe wants you to succeed and become the best version of yourself, and it sends us messages all the time. Lean in, trust and follow the signs 
Stine says: "we never get to see her "dark side" because the moon rotates on her axis at the same rate that she orbits the earth leaving one of her sides hidden to us at all times. It is as if she is watching us all the time, but we only get to see half of her."

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