CEO Isabelle shares her world
The inspiration for the brand comes from Swedish flora and the contrasts of our seasons, the dark winters, and the almost constant summer light. Mystical wonders and folklore traditions have woven tales describing Nature for centuries.

“Björk means Birch in Swedish, our Swedish organic complex that you can find in all our hand and body products are a blend of Birch, Chamomile and Sea Buckthorn.”


The Birch tree for us is a symbol of the Swedish flora. Its bark, sap and leaves, have all been used in traditional treatments of various skin conditions. The sap, mixed with water, can even become a drinkable detoxifier. We use water and extract from the birch leaf because of its hydrating, nourishing, softening, calming, toning and purifying effects on the skin (it sounds incredible, but it's true). Extract from the leaf is also known to boost elasticity and firmness.

Recently we launched an advanced trio of face oils, all containing one super berry each:Blueberry,RaspberryandSea Buckthorn.

Being the ceo of björk and berries means you have all those amazing products to try; give us your daily routine.

I am obsessed with our skincare. One of the most fun parts of the job is to try out new products under development, and all I can say is that we have some fantastic new face care products coming up that will complement the Face Oil Trio we launched last year.

I love hot baths, so the bath salt from the garden is very frequently used. For my skin, which is very sensitive, I useRescue Creamduring the colder months andC-serum.

Many women struggle to make their professional and family life function, which usually means less or no alone-time. Share three tips on how you manage your busy schedule and still find time to recharge your batteries.

I try all the clichés like being in the moment or turning my phone off when I come home. And it helps. I have also become better at not having too many weekend plans. A family day just chilling at home without feeling the need to experience new things are usually the best days for my kids and me. I also try to be outside a lot. I am taking walks or runs in Nature rather than going to the gym. I also bring my kids to work. I believe it's essential that they too see the passion I have for my work and understand what I do, so they also know why I value it.