Be Kind

Shoulder Bag
48x30 CM

We want to preserve and share the magic of our nature and beauty heritage. Be kind to skin, people, animals and nature.

Our Be Kind shoulder bags are made from 100% reused textile from Swedish founded company Reused Remade.

Height: 48cm

Height with handles: 73cm

Width: 30cm

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Photograph of person in bright sunlight with towel and wet hair.Fjällsjö Hand & Body Wash by Björk and Berries, against white background.
hand & body wash
Photograph from above of people lying in a hay stack. Two cropped bare feet. A cropped head of warm blonde hair. A person with a white blouse with their hands above her head holding a September, Eau de Parfum bottle.  Edit alt textSeptember, Eau de Parfum from Björk and Berries, with red cap, against white background.
eau de parfum