Sustainability: Our Commitment – Bjork & Berries GB

Sustainability: Our Commitment

We love nature

We love nature. We source natural and organic ingredients as much as we can and all our blends are researched and produced locally in Sweden.

We are transparent

Ecological, natural, vegan, non-toxic skincare. The terms can be overwhelming. That’s why we have come up with our own standard the eco-luxury criteria . Instead of using global certificates and stamps we write out the percentage of natural and organic ingredients on all of our products. All products are made and formulated according to our own standard for natural high-tech skincare. We set our own bar high. For example, our face birch recovery oil is 100% natural and contains 50% natural ingredients: more than any global certificate requires.

We do our best: Recycling

Our packaging is 100% recyclable and we encourage all our customers to recycle.

We adhere to our values

We are kind, humble, inviting. We believe in equality, diversity and equal opportunity. 

We adhere to the Swedish concept of Lagom which means “just enough”. We don’t believe in “wear and tear” but want to improve on our existing formulas, and be kind to our environment by not producing more than we need.