Our Ingredients – Bjork & Berries GB

The Björk and our Berries 

Our products contain ingredients that have been used in Swedish natural remedies for centuries. In our skincare, we research and learn from old traditions and combine botanical healing properties with new technology and knowledge to create the best results.

Our fragrances are inspired by phenomenon’s in Swedish nature and culture. Our seasonal collection is inspired by the yearly shifts in Swedish nature while our mythical fragrances come from stories and legends.


We can’t say enough about the healing properties of birch! Its bark, sap and leaves, have all been used in traditional treatments of various skin conditions. The sap, mixed with water can even become a drinkable detoxifier. We use water and extract from the birch leaf because of its hydrating, nourishing, softening, calming, toning and purifying effects on skin. (Almost too many superlatives, but it’s true) Extract from the leaf is also known to boost elasticity and firmness.


WBeech has traditionally been called the tree of “everlasting youth”. Bud extract from this super tree works wonders by boosting oxygen flow and supporting collagen and elastin formations in the skin.

Oat Oil

Years ago we read about Oat Oil in a book containing recipes from the 18th century and from there we have used it in many of our products. For centuries oat has been used by traditional healers to effectively treat wounds and rashes. Its secret? A high content of beta-glucan, that not only acts anti-inflammatory but also stimulates cell renewal and therefore accelerates the healing process.


Twinflower, or in Latin Linnea Borealis, is named after the Swedish botanist Carl Linneaus who adopted the flower as his personal symbol because it was his favourite plant. Twinflower grows widely in Sweden, in fir forests and on tree tundra, and the soothing benefits of this plant have been used in treating a wide variety of skin conditions ranging from rashes and eczema to water blisters and diaper rashes. We’ve even heard that it has been used effectively in treating rheumatism

Witch hazel

In modern magic it is told that the plant will make you irresistible and has long been used in traditional skin care. Witch hazel has a soothing and strong effect on the skin’s pores, is bacteriostatic and is used to calm, purify, reinforce and enrich the skin. Witch Hazel reduces swelling and work as an astringent to tighten, strengthen and repair broken skin. It purifies, hydrates and restores the suppleness to dry and flaky skin.

Sea Buckthorn

Organic Sea Buckthorn grows along the sea in south of Sweden. The Fruit Extract is used for its ant oxidative and skin conditioning benefits. Enriched with vitamin C, E, F and Pro- vitamin A. Sea Buckthorn acts positive on healing wounds with its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and astringent effect and benefit to a strong and healthy skin.