WHAT IS "A SWEDISH SAGA" – Bjork & Berries GB

2020 has been a demanding year for most of us, and when preparing for the holiday season, we aspired to spread the magic that has always inspired our scent families.

For us, each scent has its unique spirit, something mysterious that exists in the power that it awakens. In celebration of the legacy of Swedish storytelling and the power of the ever-changing seasons, you've been able to follow along on our journey to discover the chapters of our scent spirits that we call A Swedish Saga.

To end this part of the book, we go back to the beginning; it is after all winter and on December the 21 we celebrate the winter solstice. At the winter solstice, the Sun travels its shortest path through the sky, and that day has the least daylight and the longest night.


That's why we need the spirit of WHITE FOREST.

Spirit One 

A strong wind but I am protected by the forest. The wind carries the light snow, which travels lightly above the ground. It is cold and raw, but I am not afraid because the crystals that form in the snow shimmer magically like a fairy's breath. The animals are asleep for winter, but the birds accompany the echoes. There is a spirit, a force in the tormenting wind which wanders through the forest, one can almost hear it, but it is not to be seen. 

Spirit Two

In every birch tree, there is a soul, and White Forest whispers frozen memories from each season passed in the woods. Moss, berries and mushrooms play under the blanket of snow. Everything is quiet; I see my breath stop mid-air. Like the pause in a bird's heart, before it flutters its wings.

Spirit Three

Forever present, not near yet not far, but right where it should be. Deep in the shadows behind sheer leaves that were once almost certainly there. A pensive shiver, a whisper, or perhaps a memory. Calling from the depths of the earth, distant, reaching, but not quite, the soul of every tree, always waiting, in the cold, for that one fleeting moment when the distant past makes itself known. 

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