Summer summer time – Bjork & Berries GB
Summer summer time

We have transitioned into summer thru solstice, and after being indoors for the first part of 2020 aren´t we ready to be outdoors and in the sun!

Your skin needs some TLC before and after sunbathing. Here are some tips.

Drybrushing is key, a simple and great routine to get the circulation going and getting rid of the dead skin.

Do it before you shower or take a bath move from right to left, light strokes and don´t forget to breathe.

Buff up with the Birch Ritual Body Scrub on moist skin and wash off, dare to end your shower with an ice-cold soak.

Honestly, we love to use both the Re-activating Body Serum and Shimmer Oil for an extra glowing effect.

Apply the Body Serum on moist skin all over the body, end with Shimmer Oil, add a bit extra to the collarbones and shoulders.