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How to get kissable lips our Rescue Kit ritual

This dynamic rescue duo is the go-to treatment when other creams or lip products just don’t do the trick. The complex formula is designed to improve skin barrier protection, provide irritation relief and enhance skin vitality. It balances, soothes and conditions sensitive and itchy skin, thus supplying absolute comfort, leaving the skin calm and smooth. Beta -glucan, the main component of oat extract, prevents premature ageing caused by inflammation in the skin and has a direct effect on the collagen. Organic oat oil, has deeply nourishing qualities and helps the skin retain a normal and healthy barrier function. Finally, probiotics have been incorporated to stimulate the increase of oxygen and reduce stress in the skin cells.

How to get kissable lips:

  1. Apply the Rescue balm to your lips.
  2. Brush the dry parts using a tooth brush.
  3. Apply the balm to lips again.
  4. Then apply the cream to the corners of your mouth.
  5. SMILE to no more chapped lips.