Q&A with Camilla Modin Djanaieff – Bjork & Berries GB
Q&A with Camilla Modin Djanaieff

It’s cool to be kind.

With these words Camilla is one of the pioneers in PR and communications.

She runs the agency MODIN communications focusing on fashion, lifestyle, art and sustainability.

Here she works with brands such as Byredo, BITE studios, Manasi 7, PureEarth, Anna Edsta, Ropewalk Studios, By Marlene Birger, Mehrotra and her own Phi Atelier.

You might not have heard about some of these brands yet, but watch her and you  will.

To read about hers and MODIN´s beautiful manifesto for how to work with brands in the future, follow this LINK.

  1. How would you describe yourself in 3 words:
    Curious, happy and grateful.

  2. What/who inspired you to do what you are doing today?
    No person in particular, I would rather say BEAUTY in itself inspired me and made me have the courage to work with my passions.

  3. How has the business changed since you started? Do you find it more open to diversity and sustainability beyond the idea of just being a trend?
    It is quite obvious (I hope) at this point that sustainability is more than a trend. It really is our future! We have to adopt a sustainable outlook and process in everything we do, in how we live our lives. There are still many businesses that think it is enough to have a CSR-department, but soon every business will have to incorporate sustainability in their foundation/vision. I hope that companies will continue to take the same approach to diversity as well – including it in every aspect of their business.

  4. Describe your day - from morning until you hit the pillow:
    Every day differs but on a “typical day,” my husband wakes me up at 6 am with coffee, freshly squeezed grape juice  and chocolate in bed. I know you’re not ”supposed" to have coffee and chocolate before meditation, but it’s what best works for me. At 6.45am, I meditate for 30 minutes. At 7.45am, I kiss the kids goodbye for school. I enjoy a 20 minute walk to work no matter the weather, and then begin my workday with a session of meditation with the girls at work. The rest of the day is filled with client and employee meetings, interesting chats, lots of emails, catching up on Business of Fashion and other news. My lunch usually consists of nuts, bars , fruits and chocolate. When I have time, I do lunch yoga at Altromondo. My favourite meal of the day is dinner. Almost every day, the whole family has a long dinner together, it usually lasts for at least two hours. On weekends much longer!

Ok on to beauty secrets

  1. Beauty product you can’t live without?
    Skin Enhancer Sarcoline from Manasi7 and right now when it's dry I can’t live without Rescue Creme from Björk&Berries.

  2. Everyday beauty ritual?
    Very simple - I wash my face with just water, put on C-serum, specially made natural oil mix that Susanne Manasi, Founder of Manasi7 made for me. I don’t use much make-up but when I do it all comes from Manasi7.
    Before bedtime I remove the make-up with Bioderma and splash on some water and then Rescue Creme. I rarely put on masks or do scrubs or anything like that. I like taking baths though, and I love to use bath salt with dried lavender or just lavender oil. If I want to be energised, I use orange oil. All natural of course. I also use coconut oil from time to time, both on my face and in my hair. I also eat a lot of coconut oil - I put it in raw balls, chocolate sauce and vegan ice cream.

  3. For that glamorous look?
    Just a thick layer of black kohl eyeliner around the eyes topped with a little black eye-shadow.