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Meet Elizaveta, founder of Flowers Bar STHLM

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m 29 years old. I was born and raised in Russia but had an opportunity to also live and work in Brazil and Italy, and well now in Sweden. I love to explore and experience different cultures and natural landscapes; it’s always been my biggest source of inspiration. Besides travelling, I really enjoy art and classical music, to play the piano sometimes, to go for a long run or take a stroll through a botanic garden.

What made you found Flower Bar STHLM.

I’ve always been fascinated with flowers, and it’s the ability to simply make our day better. And bringing flowers home or gifting it to a friend always gave such a nice warm feeling. It started as an experiment almost four years ago, but I quickly fell in love with the creative freedom that flowers gave me, all the beautiful varieties of blooms I get to work with and the way we can really impact someone’s day or an important event through flowers. 

What and who inspires you? 

I find great inspiration in nature, especially mountain landscapes. I had an opportunity to travel to the Himalayas two times and deeply fell in love with those majestic mountains and change of seasons and colours we got to experience hiking through it. For the majority of my creative work, I take colour palette inspiration from nature, photography or paintings. I also feel very connected to music, and many times when I work, I listen to jazz, Bill Evans is my absolute favourite.

Do you have a favourite season? 

Yes, it’s definitely autumn. Can not resist all the bright colours and new textures it brings. 

If the past year has taught us anything, it´s to think outside the box; we love to hear how you solved it creatively.

Spring and summer are usually our busy event season, which of course this year was basically cancelled. But I decided to use all that freed time to try something new and focus more on our online community. We have several series of videos of Flower meditations which were really appreciated, especially when such uncertainty surrounds us. We have also hosted several workshops through Zoom because physical distancing doesn’t mean we have to stay isolated. We have launched contactless bouquet deliveries to people’s doors, and it warmed my heart, writing all those kinds and supporting card messages. I think in a time of change, it’s never easy, but we always have a choice to stay creative and use our talents to support each other. 

Last but not least, how do you relax and create a cosy atmosphere at home when the season changes? 

I tend to stock up with new old vinyl and buy a few scented candles. And of course, despite working with flower daily, I still find huge joy in arranging a vase for our kitchen table. 

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