Louise Enhörning, Artist and Photographer – Bjork & Berries GB
Louise Enhörning, Artist and Photographer
Louise is responsible for some of the beautiful images you can see on our website and in social media. Here we asked her some questions about imagery and life as a female photographer.  

1. What made you interpret the Björk and Berries brand the way you did in this shoot? What was you inspiration?
We wanted to create some timeless images that can last the way beauty can if you take care of it.
2. How has it been working as a female photographer from the time you stated up to today?
Very hard in the beginning, I couldn't get a job as no photographer hired female photo-assistents.
Now it looks very different and almost all photographer hires female assistents. 
But I think the picture of an artist as male geniuses stil very present. Even if the best art photographers are female for the moment.

3. Do you have a favorit product?
 The C-vitamin serum gives you that glow that sun gives you in the summer. I also love the Body serum for the hole body, makes your skin so soft.

4. We have the phrase we call The Swedish Secret, here we share something unique or mystic about our brand. What would be your secret in life and with beauty rituals? 
To give off yourself to others, that makes me happy. Can be as simple as a smile to a stranger.
For my beauty rituals I love the Swedish sauna, and after I do a dry scrub with Björk and Berries body scrub.