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Isabelle Lewenhaupt sharing her magic glow

We think that nature and spirituality are linked, some of our products are even inspired by Swedish mysticism! Springtime and Easter is almost like a magical holiday here in Sweden, a witches Sabbath, when they allegedly flew to Blåkulla or Blockulla island to feast. 
This island could only be reached by a magical flight. It was described as "a delicate large Meadow, whereof you can see no end”. We believe that we still have some urban witches out there and wanted to ask them some questions.

We asked our CEO Isabelle Lewenhaupt to share here magic.


Do you have any rituals you engage in that help you in anyway?

I tend to see patterns and messages everywhere I go. This makes me reflect more on life and my decisions. I guess this is what we call intuition., I believe listening to your inner voice creates magic.

I usually bring a few tokens with me when I travel that I feel are protecting me. Also, when I feel the most connected to myself is when I am somewhere close to Nature. Watching the dramatic winter sea from a cliff, or just going for a walk in the forest.

Is there a moment in your life when you started to believe in magic?

I was in my teens when I started practicing and reading more about Tarot cards, Stones and Gems and thought a lot about other layers of our world. To me, being open, is the most important thing.

You never know what the universe is trying to tell you, but if you listen, you’ll soon find out.

Do you get ideas from the magical world when you are creative and how does this inspire your work?

Since I believe Nature really is where we can experience True magic, of course it inspires me when thinking of new concepts or ideas for products. Learning about old traditions in Scandinavian culture and medicine and the Swedish Flora is a constant source of inspiration.

Photo: Fredrik Skogkvist

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