Interview with Glow Addictions Lina Areblad – Bjork & Berries GB
Interview with Glow Addictions Lina Areblad

What you do?

After several years in the tech and startup scene, I just started working with my other passion, skincare.

My new role is marketing manager for Skincitys new division brand innovation.

Fun fact?

I can talk backwards... oh, and I'm a great chef (according to my friends)

  1. What made you interested in beauty?

Ever since I was a kid beauty products have been a passion. The last years I’ve been working like crazy and my beauty regimen has developed to be my own sacred time for self-care. I love my moments with my lotions and potions.

  1. What’s always in your bag?

What's not in my bag? I carry around my world in there. Headphones, credit card, painkillers, a handful of lip balms, chewing gum, receipts. Jokes aside. I never leave home without a dry spot cream and a lipstick that I can use as blush or on my lips for touch-ups.  

  1. For natural effect what do you do?

I go to hot yoga. It’s like a facial and workout in one.

  1. For that glamour effect?

There is nothing like a blowout and manicured nails. If only I had the time (and money) to do this more often.

  1. Product you can’t live without?

I've been trying to answer this question for 10 minutes. I obviously have an unhealthy relationship with my products.

  1. We have the phrase we call The Swedish Secret, here we share something unique or mystic about our brand. What would be your secret in life?

Put down your phone, learn something new. Challenge yourself to do things you think you can't and you will be surprised.