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Ingmari Lamy sharing her magic

We think that nature and spirituality are linked, some of our products are even inspired by Swedish mysticism! Springtime and Easter is almost like a magical holiday here in Sweden, a witches Sabbath, when they allegedly flew to Blåkulla or Blockulla island to feast. This island could only be reached by a magical flight. It was described as "a delicate large Meadow, whereof you can see no end”.

We believe that we still have some urban witches out there and wanted to ask them some questions. Here we caught up with an original supermodel Ingmari Lamy.

Do you have any rituals you engage in that help you in anyway?

Every morning I tune in to my body, heart and spirt by holding my hands first on the belly then over the heart and top head giving thanks.

Is there a moment in your life when you started to believe in magic?

Yes always, I had a very strong nature spirit connection as a child and that is still with me.

Do you get ideas from the magical world when you are creative and how does this inspire your work?

Yes I do, I always tune in to my inner being, that is where I get all my inspiration from and that is very connected to the outer nature.

Cover photo: Lena Djuphammar

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