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Herbalist Smudge by Johanna

Make your own smudge

The Herbalist smudge was created for the urban herbalist, a person who loves a bit of mysticism in everyday life. The urban herbalist takes care of the space around her/him filling it with cleansing and vibrating energy from the herbs.

The purpose of smudging is to use smoke to carry negative energy out of an area.

You´ll need

Scissors or garden clippers

Cotton string

Herbs; sage, rosemary, tarragon, lavender, basil and rose blossoms, marigold, camomille.

How to make

Cut a length of string about five feet long. Put several branches together so that the cut ends are all together, and the leafy ends are all together. Wind the string tightly around the stems of the bundle, leaving two inches of loose string where you began.

Stick the flowers gently on the surface of the smudge so you can see the petals.

Hang it up for drying. Depending on what type of herb you used and how thick you made the smudge it may take a couple of days or up to a week to dry them. Once your smudge has dried completely, you can store it in box or dark cabinet until it's time to use it.

How to smudge

Burn them as a smudging ritual by simply lighting one end and then moving the smudge in a circular motion thru the space you want to clear. Or place it in a sauna, use as decoration, what a beautiful gift to someone you love!

Safety tip: Some plants may have toxic fumes. Do not burn a plant unless you know it is safe to do so.

Photo: Fredrik Skogkvist