Haircare with fashion and celebrity hairstylist Ali Pirzadeh – Bjork & Berries GB
Haircare with fashion and celebrity hairstylist Ali Pirzadeh

A couple of weeks back, we were joined by Ali Pirzadeh on B&B LIVE. 

Ali lives in London, he the world as his workplace, a fashion and celebrity hairstylist/ wig maker, founder of @apwigs, represented by @jaqmanagement and beauty editor @kingkonggarcon.

He is a two-time winner of the Elle Magazine in Sweden's hairstylist of the year award.
Here are a few of his tips when it comes to washing and conditioning your hair if you want to see the whole LIVE it is saved on our IGTV. 

1. You don t need to wash your hair every day; it is essential to let it rest.

2. Never comb or brush your hair when it is wet, your hair is at its most sensitive when wet or when you are sleeping.

3. You use the shampoo on your scalp and conditioner in the rest of the hair. If you put conditioner in the scalp, it will make the rest of the hair look heavy and oily.

4. However, a good scalp treatment/mask is a must every once in a while.

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